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The First Unified CNAPP and XDR Solution

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Uptycs Unified CNAPP & XDR

If you’re struggling with a lack of transparency in your security stack, and questions like, “What containers in my environment are running this known vulnerable package?” or “How many servers have had the password rotated in the last 90 days?” Uptycs gives you the ability to get all the answers from the same console. With unified observability across endpoints, systems, providers and more, Uptycs empowers your security teams with actionable answers to close security observability gaps across your organization.

One UI and Data Model - Multiple Solutions

Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR is built for modern defenders who have a charter to close security observability gaps across their cloud-native infrastructure. Uptycs is composed of:

  • Telemetry sourced from across the cloud-native attack surface
  • A powerful analytics engine and data pipeline
  • Data summarizations and visualizations that solve for multiple solutions including CLoud Workload Protection (CWPP), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), eXtended Detectino and Response (XDR), Insight, Inventory and Audit, Compliance and Governance.

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The Power of Structured Telemetry: How Our Data Pipeline Works

With the relevant query-based sensors and collectors in place, Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR immediately begins ingesting and analyzing telemetry — normalized in a tabular format — and gives you connected insights across all of your asset classes in the same place. Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR can be visualized as a data engineering pipeline with three stages; collect, aggregate, and analyze.

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Watch these short videos to see how Uptycs provides security observability across modern attack surfaces.

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