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Uptycs for FedRAMP Compliance

We help you meet U.S. government-wide standards to assess cloud service security, control, and monitoring.

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3 Steps To Gain & Maintain FedRAMP Compliance

If your organization intends to interact and do business with U.S. federal agencies, each one of your assets needs the right FedRAMP configuration settings. There are three main steps needed to achieve and maintain compliance. Uptycs offers a flexible solution to help with one or all of the below:

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Case Study: FedRAMP Compliance for Linux

This major SaaS-based CRM service provider needed a security and compliance solution to support their FedRAMP certification . Within a three-month window, Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR provided the necessary functionality to meet the criteria established by the auditors for FedRAMP certification.

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How Uptycs Helps You Exceed FedRAMP Requirements

Ticking a box that you’ve established controls to meet the minimum FedRAMP System Security Plan (SSP) requirements doesn’t mean you’ve met that requirement in the way that is best suited for your organization’s security needs.

Uptycs provides a number of controls and services that can help your organization establish and demonstrate the control outlined in FedRAMP SSPs, and extends value far beyond auditing and compliance objectives.

Solution - Insight _ Inventory - Section 1 - fleetwide insight

Attestation, Visibility and Reporting

Uptycs makes demonstrating compliance easy and provides thorough asset visibility.
  • Hone in on any given asset’s security posture, provenance, and prevalence
  • Gain live and historical access to processes, files, certificates, and other attributes
  • Benefit from comprehensive live audit support
Solution - Audit Compliance & Governance - Section 2 - compliance dashboard gif

Measurable Compliance Posture

Gain detailed compliance posture information to make identifying non-compliant assets much simpler.

  • View customizable dashboard visualizations of compliance posture

  • Identify where you need to target your remediation efforts

  • Drill down into non-compliant assets to get associated evidence and remediation guidance

  • Instantly see the latest failed configuration checks, most non-compliant resources, time to resolve non-compliance, and much more.

  • Integrations with Splunk, ServiceNow and other ticketing & SOAR systems

Solution - XDR - Section 3 - detection UI

Requirements & Controls

Set your security controls to meet compliance requirements while also making security-forward decisions to level-up your defense arsenal.

  • Leverage telemetry-powered behavioral detection, including IDS, to spot IoCs and IoBs and see them mapped to MITRE ATT&CK

  • Get multi-method malware detection including YARA scanning and integration with third-party file reputation databases

  • Utilize FIM for directories and files, with out-of-the-box sensitive folder and file detection

  • Establish policy baselines and receive comprehensive monitoring, alerting and reporting on anomalous events

  • Harness the power of lateral movement detection to see exactly how a threat attempts propagation within your network

FedRAMP certification can be lengthy and cumbersome — and few organizations have the resources or skillset to take it on by themselves. Moreover, since FedRAMP isn’t a set-it-and-forget it program, your team may still work post-certification to ensure your organization stays compliant.

While we can’t do all the work needed to achieve compliance for you, Uptycs can help you streamline the process and provide the tools you need to get there in just a fraction of the time.

FedRAMP Capabilities of
Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR

Explore the full list of capabilities that come together to support your FedRAMP compliance requirements:

Uptycs-Icon-information gathering Asset Inventory Audit Instant visibility into security posture of an asset Read More
Uptycs-Icon-checklist CIS Audit OS distribution independent and distro dependent benchmarking and audit Read More
Uptycs-Icon-smart compliance Custom Audit & Compliance Granular and customizable checks Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Code Ops FedRamp Controls Audit Over 200 controls with CIS-based baseline per FedRAMP recommendations Read More
Uptycs-Icon-network Audit Support Services Customer partnership to establish controls Read More
Uptycs-Icon-behavioral Behavioral Detection (IDS) Comprehensive system behavior-based detection Read More
Uptycs-Icon-caution Malware Detection Multi-method malware detection Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Data document File Integrity Monitoring FIM for directories and file Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Wifi Network Detection DNS capture and reputation correlation Read More
Uptycs-Icon-baseline Baseline & Outlier Detection Collect and create baselines across multiple dimensions Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Vulnerabilities Vulnerability Detection Continuous ingestion: Asset inventory and software packages Read More

We’ve been using Uptycs for security visibility, threat detection, and incident investigation across our Linux and MacOS fleet. Their audit and compliance analytics has been instrumental for our FedRAMP authorization and ISO 27001 certification.

Grant Kahn

Director, Security Intelligence Engineering at Lookout

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