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With Uptycs, you can reduce risk and prioritize responses to threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations—all from a single UI and data model.

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One UI and Data Model - Multiple Solutions

Uptycs streams normalized telemetry into your detection cloud. You get Google-like search, and deep asset inventory and insights. From there you can add the CNAPP, XDR, and compliance capabilities you need today, and have the confidence that you’ll be ready for what’s next.

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How Uptycs Secures Your Modern Attack Surface

After a thorough evaluation by our security engineering team, Uptycs was deployed on a large scale as a key component of our security posture. Uptycs provides a broad set of security capabilities with instant endpoint and asset visibility that powers detection and response as well as compliance and governance.

Leon Li

Vice President, Comcast Security

As a cloud-based company running on AWS, finding a platform to solve all of our security needs across all of our accounts and services was a top priority. Finding a single solution that could solve for audit and inventory of our cloud assets, as well as endpoint detection and response, was a challenge—until we found Uptycs. Now we're able to do more with less, and save time, while maintaining a strong cloud security posture.

Kevin Paige

CISO, Flexport

We’ve been using Uptycs for security visibility, threat detection, and incident investigation across our Linux and MacOS fleet. Their audit and compliance analytics have been instrumental for our FedRAMP authorization and ISO 27001 certification.

Grant Kahn

Director, Security Intelligence Engineering at Lookout

We can detect really, really fast: 0.7 seconds from execution to detection, and 1.6 seconds from execution to case management alert.

Security Engineer, Global Financial Services Company

Uptycs have been a bit of a revelation to me. Instead of ingesting logfiles and asking you to write IDS rules in a custom query language, they leverage osquery to expose your entire infrastructure as SQL. Everything you want to know or alert on is just as straight-forward as querying a database. It's fantastic.

Dieter Van der Stock

Security Engineer

Explore Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR

See how Uptycs protects the entire arc of cloud-native application development, from the developer's laptop to container runtime.

Flexport Case Study Thumbnail

Case Study: Flexport Empower DevOps Teams with Security Visibility

Flexport, a platform for global logistics, replaced its incumbent cloud security posture management (CSPM) product with Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR. They gained holistic visibility across multiple AWS accounts and achieved broader security visibility across their macOS and Windows fleets. Flexport CISO, Kevin Paige says “The security team at Flexport owns the Uptycs deployment, but the solution is providing value to the entire organization.”

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Extensible API = Endless Integrations

Below are just a few of our popular integrations. Click "Learn More" to explore others.

Uptycs-Icon-Splunk Splunk Enhance existing security workflows in Splunk with an unprecedented amount of contextual data from Uptycs and assist your incident investigation. Learn More
Uptycs-Icon-Slack Slack Receive Uptycs alerts, including threat detections, system monitoring, and many more directly into a designated channel on Slack. Learn More
Uptycs-Icon-ServiceNow ServiceNow Get deeper insights into the compliance posture of your endpoints. Map known assets in ServiceNow ITSM to compliance data ingested from the Uptycs osquery agent, integrating detailed information such as suggested remediation steps and rationale. To activate, use the ServiceNow App Studio feature to import the integration. Learn More