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Audit, Compliance & Governance

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Streamline Your Compliance & Governance

Managing your organization’s IT security governance and compliance plan has never been more challenging. Uptycs offers a new, simplified, highly scalable approach to security auditing, compliance and risk management that: 1. addresses today's operating complexity and 2: gives teams time back so they can focus on strategy. With Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR, you can get accessible security telemetry and continuous compliance for endpoints, the cloud, and cloud workloads.

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Streamlined Reporting and Visibility

Uptycs dramatically simplifies security audits and compliance management. We give you a wealth of telemetry from endpoints, hosts and cloud workloads, and information storage so it’s immediately available for forensic query and reporting.

  • Instantly see the latest failed configuration checks, most non-compliant resources, time to resolve non-compliance, and more
  • Create asset groups for reporting on a specific set of assets
  • Gain support for CIS, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, SOC 2, HIPAA and others
  • Customize compliance checks with parameterization
  • View audit trail logs to see which users made which specific changes

Compliance for Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid environments — with both on-premises and cloud infrastructure — can extend compliance requirements beyond your endpoints. Uptycs enables continuous compliance for the cloud by ingesting telemetry from the cloud service provider control plane, analyzing it for misalignments in configuration with standards like SOC 2 and CIS Benchmarks, or custom compliance configurations.

Compliance Control Requirements

With Uptycs, organizations can implement required security controls — in a fraction of the time that it takes with other types of instrumentation. Here’s how we help with compliance requirements:

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User-Driven Security

Employee security awareness is critical for a strong cybersecurity stance. Uptycs allows administrators to implement security policies for employee workstations and — via Slack integration — subtly trains users on secure device configuration and issue resolution.
  • “Otto M8,” our friendly Slack chatbot, is built around both CIS best practices and your custom compliance configurations.
  • Otto M8 delivers step-by-step instructions to update device configuration according to policy.
  • This guidance includes how the issue impacts security and why it is important to fix.
Learn More About User Driven Security

Live Audit Support

An auditor may ask questions about a particular asset or system configuration that you weren’t prepared for. Uptycs makes answers easy — our system allows you to perform ad hoc live and historical queries. Whether it’s investigating the configuration state of a system or making sure front-end web servers aren’t running any database software, Uptycs allows you to query your environment as needed to easily generate digestible evidence.

Compliance and Beyond

Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR enables comprehensive asset visibility and compliance posture management — but can be used for so much more. Customers use Uptycs to facilitate threat detection, incident investigation and response, IT asset inventory, and to get the answers they need to questions they’ve never been able to ask of their environment. The Uptycs Audit, Compliance & Governance Solution delivers:

Uptycs-Icon-clock 24 hours Continuous 24/7 Audit and Compliance
Upytcs-Icon-Scalability Reliable Scale for 50 or 500,000 Endpoints
Uptycs-Icon-project briefing Support for a Variety of
Regulatory Standards
Uptycs-Icon-gear tools Customizable Compliance Configuration
Uptycs-Icon-bandwidth Measurable Coverage for Hygiene,
Risk Reduction & Speed To Response
Uptycs-Icon-Partnership A Side-by-Side Partnership

We’ve been using Uptycs for security visibility, threat detection, and incident investigation across our Linux and MacOS fleet. Their audit and compliance analytics has been instrumental for our FedRAMP authorization and ISO 27001 certification.

Grant Kahn

Director, Security Intelligence Engineering at Lookout

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