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Container and Kubernetes Security Solutions:

Securing Containers in the CI/CD Pipeline with Uptycs

Join this session as we break down securing your containers in the CI/CD pipeline in the Uptycs Platform. You’ll learn how to best support and secure the DevOps cycle dynamic container-based workloads through the Build, Deploy, and Runtime stages. We’ll also touch on why security observability in adjacent attack surfaces—namely, developers’ laptops and cloud resources—is important for detection and investigation.

Key takeaways:

  • Secure the CI/CD pipeline across the Build, Deploy, and Runtime stages for your containers.
  • Understand how industry trends, like rising Kubernetes adoption and stagnating serverless adoption, are affecting where attackers are producing malware and coordinated activity.
  • Create tangible actions for your DevSecOps teams, reducing the cost of fixing vulnerabilities and creating a more secure environment.

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