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See the First Unified CNAPP and XDR Solution Live!

Here's a few things we'd like to show you:

  • What a more cohesive enterprise-wide security posture looks like with CNAPP and XDR in the same UI.
  • Real-life examples of how you can reduce risk, operating costs, and security failures.
  • How to create YARA rules, explore MITRE ATT&CK chains, and investigate live and historical states.
  • Why not both? For deployments in AWS, GCP, and Azure, you can start with instant-on agentless workload scanning, then add runtime protection with the Uptycs agent.

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One of the big benefits of Uptycs is that its a single solution where we can correlate data from user endpoints and cloud.

Chris Castaldo

CISO, Crossbeam

Uptycs audit and compliance analytics have been instrumental for our FedRamp authorization and ISO 27001 certification.

Grant Kahn

Director, Security Engineering, Lookout

Everything you want to know is as easy as querying a database. It’s fantastic.

Dieter Van der Stock

Security Engineer, Articulate

After a thorough evaluation by our security engineering team, Uptycs was deployed on a large scale as a key component of our security posture.

Leon Li

Vice President IT Security, Comcast

The security team owns the Uptycs deployment, but the solution is providing value to the entire organization.

Kevin Page

CISO, Flexport

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the product before I schedule a demo?

Yes! We have several short product videos that highlight different use cases for Uptycs. You can watch them by visiting our resource center .

How long is my data stored?

Length of data storage is determined by the customer, with the most popular option being 30 days. Uptycs has purpose built IP that helps compress data to significantly reduce storage costs and improve query performance. Your data can also be easily exported to the data store of your choice.

What other tools do you integrate with?

Uptycs has an API-first approach which means we've made it simple from day one to integrate with all other tools in your ecosystem - Splunk, Demisto, ServiceNow, Elasticsearch, Redash, PagerDuty, and Slack, to name a few. You can learn more about our integrations here .

How is your pricing structured?

Uptycs is priced per endpoint/node per month with volume based discounts available. The breadth of features you select will determine pricing. We're happy to provide a customized quote. Simply complete the form above to initiate the process.

What is the implementation & onboarding process like?

For deployments in AWS, GCP, and Azure, you can start with instant-on agentless workload scanning, then add runtime protection with the Uptycs agent.

Uptycs comes with tools that make configuring and deploying the osquery agent fast, painless, and scalable. Within minutes, your assets can be connected and streaming telemetry to your Uptycs tenant. For cloud infrastructure, we require a single read-only role to connect to your cloud service provider accounts to obtain configuration and usage data. Further customization for alerts, critical file paths for file integrity monitoring (FIM), asset tagging and categorization or custom dashboards are supported by our team of customer success engineers as part of your ongoing success plan.

Do you offer custom development/ professional services?

Yes, for existing customers we do provide professional services and custom development. Although, many times we'll tackle a problem within the normal scope of our product roadmap at no charge to our clients if we feel it will benefit the osquery community more broadly.