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Combatting the Top 30 Vulnerabilities Exploited

The Importance of Asset Management with Uptycs

On-demand Webinar
Duration : 36-minutes

Modern attackers move fast, and protecting your growing organization against emerging threats requires greater levels of asset visibility. Research shows that modern threat actors are adding new critical CVE’s to their attack tools at alarming rates. Organizations need to treat the monitoring, discovery, and remediation of emerging critical vulnerabilities as an essential part of their cyber risk posture. Software asset management and patching can no longer be a background process, it must be the building block on which your organization hardens its assets.

Join us in this demo as we demonstrate Uptycs' unparalleled real-time visibility and rich insights from your assets can combat the top 30 most commonly exploited vulnerabilities.

You will learn how to:

  • Arm your team with the tools needed for extended visibility and quicker reaction times for emerging threats.
  • Extract unique insights to detect anomalies and identify suspicious behavior across diverse asset groups.
  • Run SQL queries to understand the real-time and historical state of your machines.

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