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Uptycs for SOC 2 Compliance

We help you meet AICPA-designed controls and prove the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of your systems used to process customer data.

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SOC 2 compliance has five trust service principles to protect customer data; security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy Ideally, your organization implements your own controls and practices that meet the criteria — and align with your business operations and strategy.

3 Steps To Gain & Maintain SOC 2 Compliance

The various steps that must be taken to achieve and maintain compliance can be broken down into three general areas:

How Uptycs Helps You Achieve SOC 2 Compliance

Although SOC 2 compliance isn’t mandatory, proving your organization can be trusted with customer data can mean the difference between success and failure as a service provider. Uptycs provides a number of services that can help your organization meet the compliance criteria, while also extending the value far beyond your auditing and compliance objectives.

Solution - Insight _ Inventory - Section 1 - fleetwide insight

Visibility & Validation

Uptycs makes demonstrating compliance easy and provides thorough asset visibility.

  • Zero-in on any given asset’s security posture, provenance, and prevalence

  • Gain live and historical access to processes, files, certificates, and other attributes

  • Benefit from comprehensive live audit support

Solution - Audit Compliance & Governance - Section 2 - compliance dashboard gif

Measurable Compliance Posture

Gain detailed compliance posture information to make identifying non-compliant assets much simpler.

  • View customizable dashboard visualizations of compliance posture

  • Identify where you need to target your remediation efforts

  • Drill down into non-compliant assets to get associated evidence and remediation guidance

  • Instantly see the latest failed configuration checks, most non-compliant resources, time to resolve non-compliance, and much more.

  • Integrations with Splunk, ServiceNow and other ticketing & SOAR systems

Solution - XDR - Section 3 - detection UI

Requirements and Controls

Set your security controls to meet compliance requirements while also making security-forward decisions to level up your defense arsenal.

  • Leverage telemetry-powered behavioral detection, including IDS, to spot IoCs and IoBs and see them mapped to MITRE ATT&CK

  • Get multi-method malware detection including YARA scanning and integration with third-party file reputation databases

  • Utilize FIM for directories and files, with out-of-the-box sensitive folder and file detection

  • Establish policy baselines and receive comprehensive monitoring, alerting and reporting on anomalous events

  • Harness the power of lateral movement detection to see exactly how a threat attempts propagation within your network

SOC 2 certification is lengthy — and few organizations have the resources to take it on by themselves. Because the requirements for cloud data protection are continuously evolving, your team may still work post-certification to ensure your organization stays compliant.

Uptycs can help you streamline the process and provide the tools you need to get there in just a fraction of the time.

SOC 2 Capabilities of Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR

Explore the full list of capabilities that support your SOC 2 compliance requirements:

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Uptycs-Icon-checklist CIS Audit OS distribution independent and distro dependent benchmarking and audit Read More
Uptycs-Icon-smart compliance Custom Audit & Compliance Granular and customizable checks Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Soc 2 SOC 2 Controls Audit Over 200 controls with CIS-based baseline per SOC-2 recommendations Read More
Uptycs-Icon-network Audit Support Services Customer partnership to establish controls Read More
Uptycs-Icon-behavioral Behavioral Detection (IDS) Comprehensive system behavior-based detection Read More
Uptycs-Icon-caution Malware Detection Multi-method malware detection Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Data document File Integrity Monitoring FIM for directories and file Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Wifi Network Detection DNS capture and reputation correlation Read More
Uptycs-Icon-baseline Baseline & Outlier Detection Baseline creation and collection across multiple dimensions Read More
Uptycs-Icon-Vulnerabilities Vulnerability Detection Continuous ingestion: Asset inventory and software packages Read More

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