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Tools and Integrations

Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR takes an API-first approach, giving you the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure. Here’s what we can do for you.

Explore our most popular tools and integrations below:

Uptycs-Icon-Splunk Splunk Enhance existing security processes in Splunk with an unprecedented amount of context data for every incident you investigate. Splunk integration is built into Uptycs, and exports can be customized. Activation is seamless — simply ask your customer success manager. Request Access
Uptycs-Icon-ServiceNow ServiceNow Get deeper insights into the compliance posture of your endpoints. Map known assets in ServiceNow ITSM to compliance data ingested from the Uptycs osquery agent, integrating detailed information such as suggested remediation steps and rationale. To activate, use the ServiceNow App Studio feature to import the integration. Learn More
Uptycs-Icon-sumo Sumologic Gain a reliable and scalable way to collect osquery data from your entire fleet, and integrate it into your security business processes in Sumlogic. Additionally enhance your context for incident investigation. Activation is seamless — simply ask your customer success manager. Request Access
Uptycs-Icon-usql USQL - Command Line Tool Get command line access to Uptycs' Flight Recorder store for historical querying, or your entire fleet for real-time queries. USQL accepts parameters from the command line and outputs to stdout, so it’s easy to include in shell scripts for quick automation. Install Now
Upytcs-Icon-Cortex XSOAR Cortex XSOAR - Security Orchestration Integrate Uptycs into your Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response architecture using Cortex XSOAR. Access a full repertoire of Uptycs "actions" directly within Cortex XSOAR, and integrate Uptycs actions into your playbooks with simple drag and drop. Learn More
uptycs-icon-jira Jira - Automated Incident Management Automatically create tickets in Jira from Uptycs alerts to leverage existing incidence management workflows. Enhance productivity and efficiency by consolidating multiple alerts into a single ticket in a highly customizable way. Have ticket resolution states automatically update the Uptycs alert status. Learn More
Uptycs-Icon-pagerduty Pagerduty Receive critical alert notifications directly from Uptycs via text messaging on your mobile device. Integration with Pagerduty is built into Uptycs. All you have to do is select Pagerduty as an Alert Destination in the Uptycs UI. Learn More
Uptycs-Icon-Slack Slack Monitor your entire infrastructure from a single slack channel. Receive your Uptycs alerts, including built-in intrusion detection, system monitoring, and much more directly into a designated channel on Slack. To activate, configure your Slack webhook as an Alert Destination in Uptycs. Learn More
Uptycs-Icon-rocketchat Rocket.Chat Monitor your entire infrastructure from a Rocket.Chat channel or private group. Receive your Uptycs alerts, including built-in intrusion detection, system monitoring, & more directly into a designated channel. To activate, configure your Rocket.Chat webhook as an Alert Destination in Uptycs. Learn More
Uptycs-Icon-Redash Redash - Custom Dashboards Power any Redash widget with a SQL query to Uptycs, and create customized insights to drive your SecOps and DevOps strategies. The Uptycs connector comes out-of-the-box with Redash, so there's nothing to download/install - just fire up a widget and go. Learn More

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Explore Open Source Tools

Gain Open Source Security Tools With osquery Create an open source agent for endpoint visibility with Uptycs's osquery. With osquery, users can collect and aggregate host and container runtime telemetry. Learn More
Enhance Your Kubernetes Security Tools With kubequery Kubequery is an open source extension provided by Uptycs. With kubequery, customers can complement and extend osquery with Kubernetes cluster data. Learn More
Open Source Cloud Security Solutions With cloudquery Gain visibility into cloud provider services and develop open source security solutions with Uptycs free open source extension, Cloudquery. Learn More